Eilert's last name was originally: DAHLBERG!
BORN: 4 april 1953
LIVES: In Godmersta close to Husum, Ångermanland in the north of Sweden
FAMILY: Mother, father, brother och sister
MISCELLANOUS: In 1996 he visited the home of Elvis Presley; Graceland, Memphis Tennessee, USA.
A trip he had dreamed of doing for years.

Will be updated covering 1999-2000!


Eilert featured in American book!

Radio personality, journalist and record producer IRWIN CHUSID have included a chapter on Eilert in his book "Songs In The Key Of Z".

A book that profiles a dozen of what Irwin calls "outsider musicians" complete with interviews, photographs and dicographies.

Read more about the book and it's accompanying CD (on which Eilert does "Jailhouse Rock") here:


Where you also can hear an interview with Irwin and listen to some music (RealAudio).

Eilert's third CD "Live In Stockholm" was released in May 2000. Recorded with a four piece band August 17, 1999 it is a chance to hear how Eilert manages it "live" and out of the studio.

Recorded with one (!) microphone and 300 persons in the audience you get 20 tracks that swings, together with some feedback, screams and applauds.

He also toured extensively during the summer and autumn.

It was a year that Eilert played an "End-of-the-world"-gig with live musicians. He usually performs sing-back, i.e. with the music pre-recorded.
The live performance in a small club in Stockholm evetually was released as "Live in Stockholm" the following year.

Eilert ended the year with a performance on English television where he recieved the trophy as Best Swedish Elvis performer this century" from Channels 4:s "Breakfast"-show.
This all had him doing a series of telephone interviews with American radio stations during the firts months of 2000.


* The CD "Eilert Is Back" released!

JULY 1998:


* I've today (July 11th) learned that Eilert Pilarm will be back in the studio this coming week to record vocals on a few new tracks.
If all goes according to plan the new record should be out this autumn! More on the new record on these pages real soon!

Meanwhile "Greatest Hits" has sold 10 000 copies so far.


* There's very little Eilert-news right now. He plays live a few times a month. Maybe I'll go visit Eilert this summer and get a few new pictures and text for an "article" to be posted here late summer. We'll see...

* Who says Eilert doesn't have an international appeal?
Lauren Piscopo, who works as a Guest booking editor for Sony Radio in New York, U.S.A. has this story to tell:
"I was playing Eilert's Greatest Hits CD at the office for my coworkers when Clarence Clemmons, the saxophonist from rock star Bruce Springsteen's band, walked by, stopped and listened to Eilert.
(We often invite musicians to our studios for interviews.) So Clemmons caught a few songs then said he loved the Swedish Elvis."

* Spoke to Eilert who said that the next record won't be recorded until autumn/winter of this year.
He's in no hurry and spends his weedays at work and weekends playing live to fans around Sweden.


* SAD NEWS! The new CD postponed! Eilert's original plans to start recording his next CD this past summer has changed.
He says he'll do a new album as soon as his contract with Universal expires - that's a little more than a year away...

* During the autumn Eilert continued playing live. Among other places visited Oslo, Norway, where he had the audience screaming for more!

* In August he was interviewed on KRZ Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, during the radio stations Elvis-Week. Eilert sang live over the phone!

JULY 1997:

* Eilert keeps on gigging and he'll shortly do his first live performance in Norway. Maybe now his "Greatest Hits" will finally be released there, just as it was rumoured over a year ago!
* Meanwhile; after his appearance live and on television in Demnark, that lovely CD is about to hit Danish record stores!
* Following the apparent shut-down of the best-looking Pilarm-site on the web (see failing link at the bottom of this page) I feel my responsability towards you all - and Eilert - and promise to premiere a bigger and better page with more facts, sounds and interaction shortly! Give me a month or so...

JUNE 1997:

* This page wiped out in the disk crash that erased many pages including this one! At the same time Eilert played Umeå during a "Elvis-revival" at a pub. May 31st to be exact.

MAY 1997:

* We salute the two teams that have named themselves after E.P. for greater success in the World Championships in "brännboll" (swedish version of softball).
The finals will be played in Umeå the last week in May. The teams? EILERT P GOES BURNBALL and EILERTS ANGELS.

* The swedish magazine Café are nice enough to recommend this page in the May issue! That also features a nice article about an Elvis-impersonator living next door to Graceland.
Their own site should be up and running early june at www.cafe.hachette.se

APRIL 1997:

* Eilert appeared on Danish TV:S "SuperGeil" the 23:rd with reruns on the 27th and 29th.

MARCH 1997:

* EILERT GOES TO DENMARK! He'll be recorded for a furture appearance on Danish television TV2 as well as perform at a bar in Copenhagen!

* Eilert's next album will probably be recorded sometime this summer. His backin band - Tom's trio - will play on the record that will feature "Don't Be Cruel" and "In The Ghetto" and other Elvis-material.

* The spectacular Eilert-competition is over and the winners have been picked at random! A signed CD was won by HÅKAN SUND, Enskede!!!
And an autographed picture of Eilert in his latest outfit backstage at Chalies, Nordmaling (were it all began!) goes to TOMAS LINDHOLM, Östersund and ANDERS ISACSSON, Östersund!!
Look out for the next competition (or whatever) to win free Pilarm-stuff!


* This page surprisingly "Pick of the week" at http://www.pistol.se/smn = "Svensk musik på nätet"/"Swedish music on the net"!
(That page no longer available!)
They write: "Not for the graphics, not for the layout. But for Eilert, the Elvis-interpreter that the Swedish people have taken to their collective heart".
(Sorry if this sounds weird in english! I do not know if the saying works in english as well as it does in swedeish... It basically means people in Sweden like Eilert and his artistry a lot!)

* The page also gets a small mention in the february issue of swedish magazine "Internet guiden". A nice month mention-wise!
(Internet guiden no longer available. Time flies and links expire...)


* "I can't work out wether he's brilliant or just incredibly stupid and doesn't realize what he's doing." Quote from BBC-radio legend John Peel naming Eilert's "Greatest Hits" one of his favourite albums of 1996 in dance magazine Muzik.


* Eilert appeared in Tavelsjö at a local swedish charity-concert for homeless children in Russia.
* Eilert did a showstopping version of "Jailhouse Rock" on Swedish cable-TV show "Låt kameran gå". A show where they show viewers own home-videos.
* Eilert said he was contemplating a new record. (YEAH!) And that it would feature Elvis- covers as well as songs done by Swedish 60's crooner GUNNAR WIKLUND. If you're not familiar with Mr. Wiklund he was a sort-of Dean Martin/Perry Como of Sweden.


Charting the future...

The big-time release of Eilert's CD "Greatest Hits" by MCA (later Universal) March 20 1996, saw him charting on the Bonnver Top 20 in april. The chart shows the top-selling CD:s at gas-stations in Sweden. This is the chart history so far for Eilert:

April 25: New entry at 10
May 03: Dropping to 11
May 09: Down to 14
May 16: Sliding down to 16
May 23: Stuck at 16
May 30: Down to 18. His last week on the chart? YES...AFTER THIS HIS FIRST CD FELL OFF OF THE TOP 20 CHART. STILL A SURPRISINGLY GOOD RUN (six weeks)FOR EILERT!!!

By the end of May 1996 "Greatest Hits" had sold in excess of 8 000 copies! 42 000 more and Eilert can hang a swedish gold-record award on his wall of choice!

If you can't get a hold of the record you can listen to Eilert's artistry by clicking the "Sounds"-link at the bottom of this page.

Why not take the time and drop me and Eilert a line using our finely tuned address by CLICKING HERE!

Comments about this page, questions to Eilert about his creative process...no question is too big or to small to ask! No thought to useless to be aired!

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