This short interview was done at the time of the release of "Eilert is back" in 1998.


Omslag till nya CD:n

During the week he works at Modo Husum Papper, but during the weekend and in his spare time he sings and records. Here is a short interview about his career and the new CD.

When you first appeared with your version's of Elvis-songs you were called "The Elvis Presley of Husum". You got a little fed up by that?

- I did sing and appear so much back in 1994 I felt tired of it all. But I've slowed down a bit now and it goes much better.

How did it all start?

- I've always liked Elvis and when I read in the newspaper about a man who had recorded and released his own record and sold 200 copies I thought "if he can do it so can I."
So I payed for and recorded three songs; "Jailhouse Rock", "Love Me Tender" och "I Love You Because".
You can hear on my voice on my first record that I'm hoarse - I have difficculty breathing. Now I've started to exercise and it is a lot easier to sing - my voice is clearer ans there are no lisping or such

Your first record has sold really well?

- Yes, 10-11 000 copies.

Did you think that when you recorded it??

- Nope. It has become popular.

What has all this meant for your life?

- A lot! It's thanks to the music I've managed to master my ill- ness.

When you decided to make a new album it became another one with Elvis' songs.

- Yes, I like singing Elvis in my way.

Was it your idea to make another record or was it pressure from outside?

- Well, both I guess. You have your fans and you have to keep on singing. It's been five-six years since the first one and I wan- ted to do a new one.
I go around humming Elvis songs and now I know about 46-47 that I sing when I'm performing.

The new CD has 18 songs.

- Yes. Fifteen Elvis and three Gunnar Wiklund.

Was it hard to pick the songs for the CD?

- No. I can hear a song on the radio that I like and I do have books with all of his songs - lyrics and all.

Were was it recorded?

- At Tobbe Karlström's in Långsele, Sollefteå. He's good in the studio - has been playing with two bands. And then there's his wife Birgitta who runs the photo studio and also contributed back-up vocals.
I must say that I was very impressed with the music. It was so easy to sing to.

For your first record you had the music on tape and could prac- tise at home before recording it inthe studio. Did you do it the same way this time?

- I got the basic music backing to practise to, and when we re- corded the album it didn't take more than four hours. They had never seen anything like it.

How was that possible? All the big pop- and rockstars keep re- cording for months and years...

- But you don't have to ... Not if you know your music. I sang each song three times and took a short break after every sixth song. But I was a little bit dizzy towards the end.
So; if you record a song and you know it and you're prepared; it's no big thing.

Any favourite song from the new album?

- "Don't be cruel" came out well, I think. And "Suspicious minds" and "In the ghetto" - well, I'm satisfied with it all really! I do not want to boast, but I'm very happy with the album. Jag vill inte skryta, men jag är nöjd med den. The Gunnar Wiklund-cover "Mest av allt" also turned out good.

Why did you record in swedish this time, and why Gunnar Wik- lund songs?

- I think Gunnar Wiklund was a good singer. I saw him and Carli Thornehave on the television when I was a kid.
When I was in school I used to sing "I Love You Beacuse" in Swedish.
(note: The Swedish version "Mest av allt" was one of Gunnar Wiklund's big hits.)

You've become a bit softer on this new record. It has mainly slower songs on it.

- It has both. For younger and older; rock and slow songs.

There's also quite a few religious songs on the CD?

- Yes, I like that type of songs. Everybody's religious in his own way. Everybody should be.

And in five years time - will you be singing the as well?

- Yes, I believe so.


- Yes, mixed with some Swedish songs.

You have't made any long time plan for your career?

- No. But there won't be a new CD every year.

But there will be more?

- Yea. I'll take five or six years between records.

Taste the new record by clicking on the sound-link be- low!

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