Elton John The Captain & The Kid extras

So you want the extra tracks and wonder what difference there is between the different releases of Elton's new one.

You have three major versions:

1) The standard 10 track CD album:

The standard CD version
The four pictures "hiding" behind the CD is printed in the Deluxe versions Scraps booklet.

2) The special Deluxe version with a fold-out cover and a 25 minute interview-DVD where Elton and lyricist Bernie Taupin talk about the record and the individual songs:

The deluxe version
Apart from dividing the booklet into two; Lyrics and Scraps, there is little diference between
the two versions. The two pictures on the inside of the fold-out cover are missing from the
standard version.

A diffrence in layout
The picture of the band gets the big-size treatment in the deluxe Scraps booklet, while it is
considerably smaller in the standard version booklet. And that means that...


Even more comparisons...
...the page in the deluxe Scraps booklet have room for one more black and white pic of Elton
that is nowhere to be seen in the standard edition of The Captain & The Kid.

3) The vinyl version. So far only released in the UK/Europe. Reports suggest you get the separate Lyrics and Scraps booklets like the deluxe version. If we get or hands on a copy we'll update this page with pics.

OK. On to the wonderful world of downloads...

The US retail chain BestBuy lets you get access to download the live version of We All Fall In Love Sometime/Curtains recorded during a series of concerts at Madison Square Gardens in New York last year.

Another retailer in the states; Barnes & Noble, offer a special edition I haven't seen that looks like it could be using the fold-out of the deluxe version above.

Buy the album on iTunes in the US and get three additional live tracks; Tell Me When the Whistle Blows, (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket and Better Off Dead. All recorded live at Madison Square Garden.

The song The Bridge has been sent as a promo single to radio stations and such, but it is available as a download single. Only on the US version of itunes do you get an extra track with The Bridge; a live verison of Someone Saved My Life Tonight.

Onwards to England where you can buy a verion of the original 10 track album with a link to a page where you can download the studio track that didn't make the final album; Across The River Thames + Someone Saved My Life Tonight (live).

These versions and variations might be available in other countries as well. But you have to admit it's a little bit frustrating for a fan.