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* Walter Becker's Circus Money. We tracked the news and rumours from January 2006 to August 2008. It's all collected on our Walter-watch page.

* Donald Fagen was the guest DJ of three shows on Sirius satellite radio in February, 2008. You can read a short recap of what was being said and played by clicking this link.

* We know that more than us wonder what the brand new 3MVI DVD + 4 CD box set from Donald Fagen looks like. Well, no need to wonder anymore. You're just one click away from our suitably named Nighfly Trilogy page.

* Gensis live in ... Lövånger? All about our trip to a small town in nothern Sweden to catch Genesis live!

* "Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Törnqvist sing Steely Dan". It was our Album of the Month November 2006. Read (and see) more by clicking this link.

Where can you buy the album? Living in Scandinavia or the European Union? You can order it here: Living someplace else? Then try:

* Q: What Steely Dan Greatest Hits compilation should I buy? A: The answer is just one click away!
(updated August 2007!)

* We're still wondering what secrets lies hidden in the Japanese text that came with Donald Fagen's CD single H Gang. Can you help?

* So what versions of Elton John's latest; Captain & The Kid, are there? We did a page on it. Feel free to add information.

* And of course there's our aging but still readable comic A Day in the Life...